THE KINGDOM OF THE ANTICHRIST: Counterfeit Messiah, the Holy Grail, and the Coming Global Monarchy, Adrian Isaacs (Deep River Books), 2010


Did Jesus wed and sire a bloodline? Is Christianity a faith built upon
a massive cover up? Is there an occult new age on the horizon to be ushered in by a new messiah-type figure? Due to the recent surge in esoteric and occult movies and publications, many in the West now find themselves asking these very questions. The Biblical Christian message is being called into question by those who believe that the fundamentals of the faith need to be revisited, re-examined, and reinterpreted. This is being done to bring Christianity in line with an increasingly global and united society. In The Kingdom of the Antichrist, author Adrian Isaacs evaluates this esoteric reshaping of Christianity in light of God’s prophetic Word, showing conclusively that the emergence of esoteric spirituality is just one more indication that the Biblical Antichrist is near. To purchase the book, click on the book cover image to the right.

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