John F. Walvoord: Theologian, Educator, AuthorJohn F. Walvoord (1910 – 2002) was noted and highly respected theologian, author, and teacher. He was the second President of Dallas Theological Seminary, following the death of the school’s founder, Lewis Sperry Chafer. This website serves as a wonderful repository of the theology and eschatology of Dr. Walvoord.

Christopher Cone: This website is an excellent, scholarly resource engaging issues in theology and church life. Dr. Cone serves as Chief Academic Officer and Research Professor of Bible and Theology at Southern California Seminary. He is also a pastor, serving at San Diego Fellowship of the Bible.

Prophecy Talk: Bible Prophecy News, Prophecy Update and Analysis by Erika Grey: Erika Grey is an author and expert in Biblical prophecy. Her key areas of interest are current affairs, the European Union (EU) and its relation to Biblical prophecy, and issues that affect us as those living in the end times. Erika is especially qualified to speak on, and discuss issues pertaining to the EU, as she also writes about the EU for secular publications. Included among the several books she has authored are The End of the World: The Revelation Prophecy; The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Unionand The Antichrist of Revelation.

Loving God and People: Josh Samuel Ministry Site: A great site featuring the theological, pastoral, and devotional insights of Dr. Josh Samuel, Professor of Bible and Theology at Master’s College and Seminary in Peterborough, Ontario.

CARM: Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry: An excellent resource dedicated to the apologetic task. This website features various articles that offer a sound, Biblical, and reasonable defense of the Christian faith, while refuting un-scriptural heresies.