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TaylorMade Golf New Releases for 2024

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Looking to learn what you need to know about the latest new products from TaylorMade? These handy thumbnails will keep you up to date on the company's new releases across all club and ball catetgories.

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TW Grind RAW added to Milled Grind 4 wedge line: The Milled Grind 4 (MG4) wedge line now will include raw finish versions of the TW grind in 56- and 60-degree lofts, the two styles and finishes (or lack thereof) that Tiger Woods plays. The MG4 features essentially the same groove geometry and groove edge sharpness that was introduced on the Milled Grind 3 wedges. The difference is the texture of the flat areas between the grooves. Unlike on the MG3, which featured a series of raised ribs between the, the MG4 uses laser-ablasion diagonal lines that are designed to further channel away moisture to allow for a cleaner grab between clubface, groove edge and ball. These latest additions, like the original brushed chrome offerings per Woods' guidance, feature a slightly larger and rounder footprint. The 56-degree features a dual sole design with plenty of heel relief, while the heel on the 60-degree also is shaved away while marrying up with high bounce angle on the leading edge. Both facilitate the open-face setups that still keep the leading edge tight to the ground. Like Woods' preference both will come standard with DG Tour Issue S400 shafts. $200.

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Qi10 8.0-degree driver, Qi10 Tour 4-wood, 6-wood added to lineup: TaylorMade expands its Qi10 lineup to include extra fairway woods and an 8.0-degree driver fashioned after the preferred loft of World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler. Rather than playing the low-spinning Qi10 LS model, Scheffler has embraced playing the more forgiving Qi10 model, but his naturally high launch was better served by a lower-lofted model than what was offered at retail. Now the Qi10 will be available in an 8.0-degree loft that targets golfers with fast swing speeds and high launch angles, helping them to keep down spin rates and ball flight. The Qi10 features a weight-saving carbon composite face and extensive carbon composite construction in the body to produce a head with a higher stability on off-center hits, or moment of inertia.

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On the Qi10 Tour fairway wood lineup, TaylorMade now adds a 16.5-degree 4-wood loft and a 21-degree 6-wood loft. These titanium-faced fairway woods are designed with a movable heavy steel sole weight that can be adjusted from a forward to a rear position to alter spin and flight to a players' preferences.

The Qi10 8.0-degree driver ($600) is offered in a stock (Fujikura Ventus TR Blue) and custom shaft options, while the Qi10 Tour fairway woods ($450) are available in custom only.

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Kith for TaylorMade 2024: It would be easy to brush off TaylorMade’s Kith offering as just another partnership in a sea of business arrangements. However, when Jimmy Fallon and Pebble Beach G.L. are involved, it’s not “just another” anything.

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More than just a partnership to create a collection of technical apparel, accessories and golf equipment, the collection is presented through the Kith lens.

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On the equipment side, that includes a Kith for TaylorMade Qi10 driver ($650) in Rose Gold or Black. Both feature the Kith monogram logo on the carbon crown and a gold foil marker that indicates the sweet spot. The sole weights on both drivers feature a touch of Rose Gold.

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Along with the drivers are K·790 irons ($1,750, set of seven), MG4 wedges ($295 each), Spider Tour putters ($445) and TP5 golf balls ($55 per dozen)—all produced with the Kith flair.


“The Kith team has an iconic design eye that collectively inspired us to create something unique for both Kith and TaylorMade consumers, many of whom are loyal to both of our brands,” said Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade VP of product creation.

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While Fallon serves as the face of the campaign, Pebble Beach plays a critical role as well, with a special pop-up for the Kith for TaylorMade 2024 Collection located at The Lodge at Pebble Beach’s retail shops. The pop-up is open now for a span of two months, while supplies last.

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TaylorMade Qi10 drivers: The TaylorMade Qi10 family of drivers, the third generation to feature a face made of carbon composite, further unlock the lightweight material’s potential. Now with more of the crown, sole and face made of carbon composite, the saved weight on these new versions is creating more forgiveness on all three models, including the highest combined moment of inertia (stability on off-center hits) in company history on the Qi10 Max. The structure creates more freedom to position more mass where it can do the most good for the targeted player group, whether that be more perimeter weighting, more movable weight or a lower center of gravity for higher launch and distance-boosting lower spin. The Qi10 LS retails for $630, while the Qi10 and Qi10 Max retail for $600.

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TaylorMade Qi10 fairway woods: The TaylorMade Qi10 lineup of fairway woods includes three models of different sizes, different levels of forgiveness and even different metals, but the overriding mission is the same: A larger carbon composite crown that reaches all the way to the top of the face saves mass that’s repositioned selectively by each model to build more off-center hit forgiveness, increase launch angle and/or optimize spin. The Qi10 and Qi10 Max retail for $350, while the Qi10 Tour retails for $450.

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TaylorMade Qi10 hybrids: The TaylorMade Qi10 hybrids feature three different shapes with three distinct kinds of internal weighting to answer the needs of different player types. The range includes the compact Qi10 Tour with a deep face, balanced heel and toe weighting and iron-like feel and performance; the ultra-forgiving, mini fairway wood-shaped Qi10 Max with a lower, deeper center of gravity for forgiveness and higher launch; and the standard Qi10 with a medium face height and internal weighting split between front and back for easier launch with less spin for more distance. All three models retail for $300.

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TaylorMade Qi irons: Although TaylorMade’s P-Series irons are aimed at better players, its new Qi and Qi HL irons are geared more towards those needing a little help. That is expertly achieved through a suite of technologies that combine to deliver optimal performance in each individual iron head. For the Qi HL irons, that includes lofts approximately 2 degrees weaker and club weights more than 20 grams lighter than the standard Qi iron. It fosters getting the ball in the air with ease while boosting swing speed through a lighter club weight. Both models retail at $1,099 for a stock, seven-piece set (5-iron through gap wedge, with 4-iron, sand wedge and lob wedge available).

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TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 wedges: The fourth generation of TaylorMade’s Milled Grind wedges (Milled Grind 4, or MG4) continues the consistency benefits of machined sole shaping of its predecessors while expanding the range of distinct grinds to include three new options at the higher lofts for a total of seven. On the spin front, the grooves are now supported by laser-etched diagonals on the flat areas between each scoreline. The effect is to increase spin on partial shots and prevent spin loss in dewy or wet conditions. All told, it’s TaylorMade’s most expansive wedge line ever with six more loft/bounce options than on the previous MG3. Wedges retail for $180 per club.

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TaylorMade Spider Tour Series putters: The Spider Tour mallets revolutionized TaylorMade’s position in the marketplace with near equal top-level success on tour and at retail, but while the company explored other versions and shapes the last two years, the use and demand stayed with the original now-iconic shapes like Spider Tour and Spider Tour X. So rather than try to discover a new Spider, the company is launching a new Spider Tour Series with five options all built on the original platforms, including shapes made popular by Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and most recently Scottie Scheffler. The models employ the same wireframe construction, a variety of sole weighting to emphasize different centers of gravity to match different stroke types, and the distinct wide white aiming stripe, as well as the grooved Surlyn face insert. All models retail for $350 and are available in stores, except Tour S, which is set for a Spring 2024 release.

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TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls: The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x tour-preferred multilayer urethane-cover balls use a new rubber formulation in the core to create more speed with a better sound and feel. The revised five-layer construction now creates a greater separation between the softness of the core and the firmness of the outer mantle. Designers say that difference is crucial to yielding a better combination of low driver spin with high wedge spin. Both models retail for $55 per dozen and are available in white, yellow and an updated Pix visual graphic technology version.

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SpeedSoft, SpeedSoft Ink golf balls: TaylorMade rolls out the new SpeedSoft golf ball, a two-piece design that features the company’s first foray into sub-50, low-compression technology. Almost as intriguing as its soft inside is its aggressive outside. While available in both white and yellow options, the company’s proven commitment to visual and aesthetic enhancements to golf ball looks will now add SpeedSoft Ink to the lineup. It features an array of splash pattern color options on top of the two-piece, low-compression SpeedSoft technology. $25 per dozen.


Mini Driver Copper: TaylorMade’s new BRNR Mini Driver Copper, the latest driver that isn’t a driver (and fairway wood that isn’t a fairway wood), debuts with looks, logos and colors that evoke the company’s 1990s aesthetics (Burner Bubble, anyone?). But it also adds the company’s most current tech upgrades, including a special titanium alloy face, a lightweight, CG-lowering carbon composite crown, a wider sole slot for better face deflection at impact and a reimagined K-shaped sole design to make this low-lofted head easier to play off the turf. $450 (11.5, 13,5 degrees with a four-degree, +/- 2 degrees, adjustable hosel).

Team TaylorMade Junior sets. TaylorMade launches its new Team TaylorMade Junior platform of starter sets for kids, which includes three options for boys and girls 12 and under. The three sets include a unique bag and three different unisex collections of four, five and seven clubs, respectively. Size 1 (ages 4-6, four clubs, $250); Size 2 (ages 7-9, five clubs, $400); Size 3 (ages 10-12, seven clubs, $500). Available April 19.

P·770 Copper, P·790 Copper irons. TaylorMade will offer its top two better-players irons, the popular P·790 players distance iron and its more compact, next-of-kin P·770, in the vintage copper finish that evokes the look of TaylorMade irons from the 1980s. The copper look, courtesy a special coating process, covers the same hollow-body designs of the originals. Both feature sole slots to increase face rebound, while internally each uses specific weighting to optimize the launch and performance of the individual irons. That includes a lower center of gravity in the longer irons, which then moves gradually higher through the set to the short irons for higher spin. 4-iron thorugh pitching wedge, $1,500.